Jennifer Lawrence Pool Hops In Diamonds And Gowns For 'Vanity Fair'

Vanity Fair released its November cover this morning and—whoa—not only did Jennifer Lawrence break her silence on the nude photo hack but looks totally stunning while doing doing so. VF released the cover and one photo from the spread, both shot by Patrick Demarchelier, which feature J.Law, a red lip, some bling, and her perfectly grown out bob in the jungle. Or at least, like, a pool surrounded by some foliage.

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Vanity Fair

The photos, according to VF, were shot on July 29, a month before the photo leak. While Sam Kashner, the article's author, met with Jennifer after the hack so she had a "a chance to have the last word," they stuck with the originally shot photos. While the behind-the-scenes video describes Jen pool-hopping "in evening wear," she is decidedly without any sequined or floor-length gowns in the two released photos.

Vanity Fair

In the lead photo from the spread, a cockatoo joins Jennifer and is so profesh he's not even distracted by her shiny necklace or lipstick. Fellow bird models, take note.

The BTS video reveals a bunch of the evening wear promised in the description, including a sequined backless gown, a white satin mini dress, and more. Somehow, despite the seemingly humid temperatures, Jen's hair looks perfectly undone.

The full spread and interview will be available digitally starting tomorrow, while the actual paper version will be on newsstands starting October 14. You can head over to Vanity Fair's website for interview excerpts and more.