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Pharrell Discovers Daft Punk Artifacts In 'Gust Of Wind' Video

Daft Punk spaceships?

There are many creative ways to incorporate Daft Punk into a music video without actually having Daft Punk appear in a music video. And in his "Gust of Wind" clip, Pharrell demonstrates one of them.

The mysterious French duo are featured on P's GIRL single, and he and director Edgar Wright clearly wanted to show them some love in the visuals. Which might explain why we find Pharrell wandering through the woods as the action begins, stumbling on some artifacts -- giant Daft Punk helmets carved out of stone, which look like they've been waiting to be uncovered for decades.

The scene then moves to a small outdoor party, with Pharrell surrounded by women clad is flowing, colorful outfits. Eventually the Daft Punk helmets (which might also be playing the music) are illuminated and... transform into spaceships?

Watch the new clip above and hear Pharrell talk about his collaborations with Daft Punk below.