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Wait, What Did Ariana Grande Just Say About Ellen DeGeneres' Panties?

Watch the singer's appearance on 'The Ellen Show.'

Despite her busy schedule, Ariana Grande still takes time to play hide-and-go-seek. Sometimes with Ellen DeGeneres. Sometimes in Ellen DeGeneres' bushes. Wait, what?

On Monday (October 6), the "Love Me Harder" singer played "Who's In My Bushes?!" on "The Ellen Show," where an audience member named Maddy had to guess which celebrity was hiding behind a wall of hedges.

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Some of the hints Ariana gave (like, "I only wear Ellen DeGeneres' panties") weren't so helpful. But after a softball question ("Is your last name a drink at Starbucks?"), Maddy figured out that it was Grande back there, and she was rewarded with tickets to the singer's upcoming Honeymoon Tour. Watch the clip below.

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