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Wale's The Album About Nothing May Not Please Everyone, But It's 'For The Core'

Check out the new episode of his 'The Vlog About Nothing' series.

After warming us up with the excellent trailer for The Album About Nothing, Wale has us even more excited for his new disc with the second episode of his vlog series.

Splicing together clips from recent radio interviews with in-studio and concert footage, Ralph gives fans a brief glimpse into his process and what they can expect in the future -- all soundtracked by "The Followers," his potent track from this past summer.

"I can't say the people; I gotta say the core," he says during one interview stop when discussing the upcoming project. "Ambition was for the people; The Gifted was for me; this is for the core. This is A&Red by my fans."

That fits with what he told MTV News in April, when he dropped a few details about the project.

“I’ve spent some good time with Jerry [Seinfeld] and we’re gonna keep building on it,” he said (Seinfeld, by the way, appears in the new vlog). “I wanna make it super incredible and super honest and I’m really putting the fans first on this one. With The Gifted, I [did] things musically and sonically that I felt I wanted to do for myself, but this one is solely for the fans and solely for the people who made me who I am.”

He delved deeper into that mindset and process in an Instagram post early Monday (October 6), where he explained the video and where he's at musically and mentally.

"I am makin this album with my fans in mind," he says in the photo caption. "I am showin you all my flaws fears insecurities like F--KIT Like it or not this is me. I will be releasing video blogs documentary style . Until albums release . I really want this to rally my fans . I know it's not possible to talk to all of you but my goal is to get a solid understanding of what many of you want . My goal is to show you as much as I can of ME the issues that happen when trying make a project this out the box ."

He continues: "You guys will hear problems that you never thought you'd hear. I will be as open as I can be . I want this to inspire my fans to go harder than before I want this to push you guys into makin THIS thing of ours take off .so we can focus more on the actual music MORE on the body of work and less on tricky marketing and catchy singles. God willing You guys will walk with me every step of the way in this journey .

"A lil scared and not afraid to admit it. Music isn't the same place I left it after "the gifted" (but we'll get into that later " tommorow is the next chapter in out journey VIDEO JOURNAL ENTRY #2 directed by Jon J x R. Folarin . Thank you for havin my back and dealin wit the good n bad of Walé 12pm eastern we make one more baby step #taan"

The Album About Nothing should be out later this year.