Don't Watch These 6 Crazy Painful GoPro Crashes Around Little Kids

These videos will give you nightmares.

Reality show "Nitro Circus Live" returns to MTV2 tonight at 11/10c. To get you pumped for all the action, we bring you six videos of people doing their own (failed) flips and tricks. Miraculously none of these daredevils died in their adventures, but there were more than a few broken bones involved -- so kids, please don't try any of this at home.

1. This BASE jumper whose cliff jump turned into slow-motion cliff fall

2. A Moto X rider whose bike flew out from under him

4. The FMX rider who missed his superman grip

3. A water skier who took the plunge

5. The rally driver who attempted to break the world record for the longest ramp car jump

6. A motorcyclist who crashed at 140 MPH

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