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Holy Sh--, This Battle Rapper Actually Tried To Take A Dump On Stage

Oh crap.

When it comes rap battles, California MC Daylyt takes no crap -- except on Saturday when he literally tried to take a crap on stage.

During a match where he was pitted against Pittsburgh spitter Real Deal at the "Duel in the Desert" in Phoenix, Arizona, Day, who was dressed in a headless horseman-type costume, threatened to boo-boo on stage if the crowd booed him two times, according to a report on

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The crowd continued to boo Day, so he pulled his pants down, copped a squat and attempted to do a number two on stage before security removed him from the Celebrity Theater, where the battle was being held.

"I just want to be an entertainer man, that's it," Daylyt, who is known for his on-stage antics, told the site in an interview conducted after he was removed from the venue, and locked outside.

The venue's head of security explained to that if Daylyt had defecated on stage they could've faced violations from the department of health.


Security pulling @daylyt2k14 off this stage before he could shit. He'll get it someday.

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