Colin Gray / MTV News

Sisqo Says He'll Finally Complete Dragon Trilogy With Last Dragon This Year

So MTV News made sure he knows everything about dragons.

This December, Sisqo will complete his long-awaited album trilogy with his final installment, Last Dragon. As you may have picked up from his album titles, jewelry choices or profile on instagram, dragons are very important to the "Thong Song" singer, and this last album got us wondering. What's the deal?

According to Sisqo, his interest in the fire-breathing reptiles goes much deeper than you might think. He and his son are both born in the Chinese year of the dragon, his 1999 hit album Unleash the Dragon was released in the year of the dragon, and when he was first being signed to his label he stumbled across a Dragon chain in Chinatown, and hasn't taken it off since. It has gotten to the point that fans call HIM dragon. (It's worth mentioning that not all of the dragon omens Sisqo mentioned matched up with the zodiac calendar MTV News checked, but why argue a man's devotion to dragons?)

And although we would never doubt his dedication to the species, we were a little curious to see how well Sisqo was keeping up with the many dragons in pop culture. These days, there are lots to choose from, so we decided to put the singer to the test -- literally.

Watch Sisqo take our Dragon quiz (spoiler: he NAILS it).

His newest single "A-list," featuring Waka Flocka Flame, is out now. Last Dragon will be released December 9.