Kelly Clarkson And Her Absurdly Adorable Baby Get Ready For Christmas

Time to deck the halls?

Kelly Clarkson's baby is the cutest baby who ever babied. On Monday (October 6), River visited her mom on the set of a video shoot like the professional chubsa-ubsa she is.

Ms. River Rose Blackstock, born on June 12, accompanied her mama to work, and hopefully, she'll have a part in the video she's shooting. Clarkson wrote on Instagram that she's filming something from Wrapped In Red, her Christmas album from 2013. That said, can you imagine River in a littly reindeer outfit? Calling it now.

The 4-month-old is growing up fast, and not only has she been to work, but she also went to her first concert last month. Bejeweled headphones affixed expertly, River went to a Garth Brooks concert, and made sure to share this adorable photo:

She's becoming a style icon too (look out Baby Future and North West). Look at her channeling Lady Gaga with this oversized, printed bib:

Watch out, world. River's making strides, and she can't even walk yet.