What's Really 'Awkward'? When Adults Act Like Total Amateurs On New Year's Eve

It's not the kids who had the Palos Hills 5-0 on standby...

When Lacey Hamilton urged her daughter Jenna to consider breast enhancement surgery on Season 1 of "Awkward," we knew we weren't dealing with typical moms and dads. But even with that scale considered, the parents of Palos Hills shocked us on last week's episode.

On a New Year's Eve that found high school seniors Jenna and Matty behaving tamely, their parents -- and a number of other grown-ups -- were acting as if they'd never left the frat row from whence they came. Between trysts with strippers, robbing the cradle and drinks, drinks, drinks, the 30-plus crowd really brought the heat at Aunt Ally's house.

Few were left standing by the time midnight finally rolled around, but whose NYE was the most shameful? Look back at the five greatest offenders below, take our poll and tune in to the next "Awkward" episode tomorrow night at 10/9c!

Lissa's mom:

After Lissa confessed her secret -- that she was in love with her sort-of brother Tyler -- she caught flak from her uber-conservative mother, who was sure Lissa would soon face the wrath of God. *RECORD SCRATCH* Wasn't it you who first flirted with your pseudo-son, lady? And isn't it you who continued to do so through many of glasses of Pinot? Maybe avoiding hypocrisy should top your list of resolutions...

Lissa's dad:

He's married to the woman above, and he hooked up with male stripper?! Plus, he had the nerve to judge Lissa for her admission! Need we say more?

Aunt Ally:

No surprise here: Aunt Ally spent the stroke of midnight puking her guts out while Lacey held back her hair. But what was truly questionable behavior was Ally's sort-of racist generalizations about Tyler and Sergio, and the fact that she encouraged Sadie to invite a bunch of teenagers to a party with their parents. Child services, you on the line?

Mrs. McKibben:

Don't get us wrong -- it was nice to see Barbara let her hair down a little bit and even better to watch as she finally mended fences with Lacey. But at some point, the usually buttoned-up housewife went full-blown wino and began dropping f-bombs left and right. The good news? Her liquid confidence finally opened her up enough to have a real, honest conversation with Matty about his adoption. Still, the journey to resolution was a rocky one...

That cougar Natalie:

Not only did she bring a baby to a party at which she intended to rage, she straight-up pursued Jake -- who claimed he was a college student -- and eventually got exactly what she wanted. Sure, Jake's 18, but it's still so, so wrong...

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