ABC/Jack Rowand

The Snow Queen Visits 'Once Upon A Time': First Look Pics At The New Villain

Queen Elsa ain't the only ice queen in town.

We've known since May that Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the "Frozen" gang (sans Olaf) would be headed to Storybrooke for season four of "Once Upon a Time," but the October 5 episode revealed that there was another, even chillier ice witch in town -- Elizabeth Mitchell ("Lost") joined the cast as the Snow Queen, the eponymous villain in Hans Christian Andersen's beloved fairy tale.

Who this version of the Snow Queen is and what she wants are yet to be revealed, but Entertainment Weekly revealed some first look pics at that other local snow queen, whom ABC says will attempt to frame Elsa by freezing Maid Marian. (Why she would be evil enough to do this is mind-boggling -- the woman has an endless supply of free ice cream!)

Check out the picture below, and let us know your theories about the Snow Queen's motives in the comments!

ABC/Jack Rowand