Look Out iPhone 6 Users, #Hairgate Is The New #Bendgate

Poor iPhone 6, you can't seem to catch a break. First there was #bendgate, and now there's #hairgate? A 9to5Mac Community post uncovered that early adopters of the smartphone were having their hair yanked out of their heads due to a gap between the phone's aluminum body and glass display.

This of course has lent itself to shaving jokes.

A remark on hairdressing in general.

Along with commentary on beards. Who knew that people were so divisive on the subject? Spoiler alert: If you happen to have facial hair and an iPhone, chances are that someone's going to critique your beard and call you a hipster. Sorry.

One particular user posits that maybe the initial testers might've been bald men.

But it appears that #hairgate has affected all stripes of Apple users with varying degrees of hair yankage, leaving no one safe. Our only response? Ouch! ;)