'Ask The Moms' Sneak Peek: Can Amber And Jenelle Settle Their Feud?

The 'Teen Mom' and 'Teen Mom 2' cast members finally confront their differences.

Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell are returning to MTV in early 2015, but these original "Teen Mom" ladies already got back in front of the cameras -- with the cast members of "Teen Mom 2."

In a special called "Ask the Moms," airing tonight at 9/8c, the two groups of young mothers answer fan and audience questions, and in one segment, they discuss why they enjoy using Twitter. While Catelynn says she likes to "update fans on what they don't see" and Maci says she loves to look at snaps of Kailyn's son Lincoln, a mention from Amber about which cast members she follows brings a misunderstanding with Jenelle to the surface.

"I think I pretty much follow everybody and they follow me...except for Jenelle. There was some stuff that was going on, so I had to not do that," Amber confesses in the sneak peek below.

The root of their issue: Amber gave an interview in which she discussed Jenelle's behavior, saying that the recovering addict and mom of two needed to "hit rock bottom" in order to pick herself back up.

"I just think we're both in different situations, and we just both dealt with it differently," Jenelle responds.

Amber does her best to clarify her comments, stressing that her intention wasn't to be "an a**hole."

"She's gone through the same s**t that I used to go through, and it's words of encouragement and wisdom because I've been there and done that," she calmly states. "And I'm not saying I'm this wise person, but I did go to prison, and I did put myself in there because I was an addict. And I just don't want to see somebody who is sort of in the same situation go there."

Can the duo hash out their differences and make amends? Watch the clip, and be sure to catch the "Ask the Moms" special tonight.

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