Nat & Alex Wolff Are All Cats, Beards, And Feelings On These Brand-New Songs: Listen Now!

Is Alex's beard behind all of these endless feelings? Listen to the boys' folksy 'Where I'm Goin'' and 'Rock Star' to find out.

Nat and Alex Wolff are on emotional overdrive on their new singles, "Where I'm Goin'" and "Rock Star" -- and we've got the exclusive preview of all the pathos right here on MTV News and at Nat&

The brothers (formerly of "The Naked Brothers Band") have been releasing a cadre of folksy, borderline story-songs for the last few months now, previously dropping a duo of tracks on MTV News around the same time as "The Fault In Our Stars" came out -- a movie that just happens to star Nat.

“We've gotten older since then," Nat told MTV News, reflecting on their three years of growth since 2011's Black Sheep. "Alex’s voice has changed... and our songwriting has gotten better. Alex has a beard which changes our sound, I don’t know why.”

There is a certain world-weariness to the brothers' newest songs. "Where I'm Goin'" hints at a kind of bittersweet relationship replete with "shoulder pads and whiskey stains" and "the cats you love that I despise," but the chorus is rallying, a nostalgia-inducing assertion: "Where I'm goin/ Where I'm goin/ Well, I don't know yet/ I just know that I'm going home/ All I know is I'm going home."

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And "Rock Star" -- which appears in James Franco's "Palo Alto," in which Nat stars as a manic bad boy -- speaks to a certain bone-deep dissatisfaction. "She turns to me and she whispers, 'Hey man you don't know where it's at'/ I stared at her until I figured that she wasn't staring back," the songs begins. "Another tale for the epic/ Rejection in the starring role."

And the chorus? It's something any musician -- or artist -- can relate to: "If I feel like a rock star with nowhere to perform/ Will you stroke my ego until that feeling is gone?"

Who hurt you, Nat and Alex? Who hurt you?

Fans of the boys will get the chance Monday (October 6) to pose that very question -- among other queries -- as the brothers Wolff will be taking over MTV's Twitter this afternoon! Get those Qs ready to be A'd!