'Singin' In The Rain' Without The Singin' Is Super Creepy

Grab your umbrella and run.

When you think of classic movie musicals like Gene Kelly's "Singin' in the Rain," warm and fuzzy feelings are typically invoked. The hats! The nostalgia! The tap dancing!

The titular song and dance sequence is no exception to the rule. The 1952 film is a classic for a reason, well-loved for more than six decades. Who wouldn't want Kelly to swing around a lamp post and then sweep them off their feet?

After watching this edit of the famous rain-soaked number, however, in which the audio of Kelly's song is removed, but his manic facial expressions, oohs and whoops are left intact, you may be of a different mind. Instead of wanting to date that, you'd probably want to call the cops on whatever they used instead of cell phones in 1952. Carrier pigeons, probably.

Check out the clip below for your expertly choreographed precipitation nightmare.