27 Most Unforgettable Moments From One Direction's Where We Are Tour

Why does it have to end?

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, that applies to One Direction's Where We Are Tour. But look on the bright side, we will always have the memories.

One Direction traveled the world, along with their opening act 5 Seconds of Summer, giving fans a concert that we will never forget (myself included)!

And now that the tour is officially complete, we decided to look back at the 27 most unforgettable, entertaining and hysterical moments from the WWAT.

1. Onstage Selfies

2. When Liam Was Replaced By A Duck

3. The Fans

4. When Niall Became An Irish Princess

5. The Time Zayn Became Superman

6. Big Payno's Dance Moves

7. Harry's Man Bun

Tumblr/GIF: Jenny Shafei

8. All The Times Louis Hypnotized The Crowd With His Smoldering Stares

9. When 5SOS Looked So Perfect Every Night

10. Even Dressed As Ninjas

11. Magic Tricks

12. Niall's Guitar Solos

13. Zayn's Endless High Notes

14. Where We Going Today Mark?

15. Off-Stage Bonding

16. This

17. When 5SOS Went #1 on Tour

18. Wet T-Shirt Contest

19. When 5SOS Went To Boston And Got Scared By The Red Sox Mascot

20. When This Happened

21. 5SOS Heart 1D

22. When Harry Made It Rain

23. 1D Helped Someone Get Engaged

24. Group Pics

25. Liams Emotional Goodbye

26. Take A Bow

27. One Last Where We Are Hug