Unleash Your Inner Khaleesi With A Dothraki Language Course

Dothras chek, y'all.

If you've been looking for just the right words with which to woo the great Khal in your life, then look no further than the latest, greatest product to emerge from the "Game of Thrones" universe: a living language course in conversational Dothraki.

The course, created by David Peterson, is a completely legit language program, complete with a learning CD and a handy dictionary -- y'know, for when you're on the road in the land of the horse lords, where wifi service can be spotty.

Aspiring Dothraki speakers can immerse themselves in lessons to learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conjugation, as well as some important cultural mores so as not to inadvertently offend one's Dothraki hosts. (Pro tip: Don't offer the Khal a haircut.) And because we at MTV News would never endorse a product without trying it, we've used our newfound talent for Dothraki to put together a useful sample conversation for you to try yourself.

M'ath! Hash yer dothrae chek?

Hi! How are you?

Anha dothrak check. Anha dothrak adahkhatoon hatifi san.

I'm fine. I have just eaten many faces.

Voescchi! Me nem nesa yer vo adahki hatifi.

No way! It is known that you don't eat faces.

Yer ojila!

You're wrong!

Anha dothrak adahkhatoon hatif Barry.

I just ate Barry's face.

Mae hatif zhokwa.

His face was big.

Anha adahkish chekosshi

I ate very well.

San athchomari yeraan!

Much respect!

Yer hatif zhokwa. Yer allayafi anna.

Your face is big. I like you.

Anha vaddrivak yera m'asikhtek khadokh.

I will kill you and spit on your corpse.

Want to learn Dothraki? The Living Language course will be available tomorrow in stores and online.