How Did Miley Cyrus Celebrate Her 'Bangerz'-versary?

Hard to believe a year has gone by, right?

One year ago Saturday Miley Cyrus released the album that changed everything: Bangerz. And, believe it or not, there was a time when she was totally stressed out about whether anyone would even show up for the accompanying tour.

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But we know how this story ends: Miley is now an even bigger global superstar than she was before and the Bangerz Tour is a juggernaut that just keeps rolling. The singer and budding visual artist celebrated her Bangerz-versary over the weekend with the most Miley collage you can possibly imagine. There's a topless pic, an R.I.P. Hannah Montana epitaph, some candles, plenty of other things that burn and, of course, a pair of FU balloons.

She also shared a bunch of fan gifts, because what's a Bangerz-versary without a heavenly shot of Miley and all her pooches?

And... then there's whatever this fan was trying to say. Thanks?

It wouldn't be a celebration without a gift from her pal Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne, because "emu soap" is a thing, right?

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