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Ride Along With Curren$y For 'More Saturday Night Car Tunes'

Spitta's new EP puts his love for vintage cars front and center.

By Andres Tardio

There may not be any more Saturday morning cartoons, but thanks to Curren$y, we just got More Saturday Night Car Tunes.

“This'll get you where you gotta go,” Spitta Andretti says on the intro of the 7-track EP. “This'll get you to work. This'll get you to the store. This'll get you over to that girl’s house. This'll get her to your house. This'll get all y’all to the club...This'll get you through yo' smoke session.”

Providing a soundtrack for your travels, the Louisiana-based MC rhymes over beats by Joey Fatts, Cardo and SAP on this project. He’s also joined on the EP by Mac Miller on “Money Shot” and frequent collaborator Wiz Khalifa on “Countin Money.” Wiz also appeared on Curren$y’s August 2014 project, Saturday Night Car Tunes.

Of course, More Saturday Night Car Tunes picks up where Saturday Night Car Tunes left off. Spitta Andretti’s fascination with vintage cars is often center stage here also, as he raps on “Callin” about how he likes to end recording sessions.

"I step into the booth, layin’ something new,” he rhymes with his trademark smooth Spitta delivery. "And then I’m in the old school when that session is through.”

Whether you’re riding in an old school ride or not, you can stream or download Curren$y’s More Saturday Night Car Tunes below.

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