5 Things Sarah Silverman Learned On 'Saturday Night Live'

She has some advice for her 20-year-old self.

Sarah Silverman may have been hosting "SNL" for the first time this weekend, but it wasn't actually her first time in Studio 8H.

20 years ago Silverman had a short-lived run on the series, and spent most of her screen time being a pretty, curious girl in the audience. In honor of her return to the hallowed halls of comedy, here are a few tokens of wisdom from the night's sketches that Silverman could impart to her younger self.

1. Ask The Right Questions

Silverman's monologue catered to her comedy style, where she improvises with an audience member by sitting on her lap, longing to return to the times we were "carried, bathed and cared for." But back in the '90s, when Silverman had a short stint as a writer and featured player on "SNL," she spent most of her time doing some deep thinking. We see the flashback footage as Silverman is seated in the audience and asking questions like "Are you going to do any solo albums now that you've left Wilson Phillips?" "What did you feed the dinosaurs?" "What makes the human knee bend?" The answers are endless.

2. Give It Up To God

In light of legendary comedian Joan Rivers' passing, Silverman doles out cracks to fellow icons at a roast in Heaven. Seated at the table are the likes of Richard Pryor, Steve Jobs, an unassuming Ben Franklin, Lucille Ball, and a Freddie Mercury that is so gay even his teeth aren't straight. Is it just us or does Freddie look like Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine?

3. Forget The Cat Fights

In an Episode of "Forgotten TV Gems," we get to see the soapy drama "Supportive Women," where when Cecily Strong slips powder into Sarah Silverman's drink it isn't poison, but a shot of immunity boosting Emergen-C. "Isn't that weird? Women being nice and not hurtful to each other."

4. White People Love Camping

In a sketch that tries to address racial inequality, the mock show "Whites" pokes fun at the habits of its namesake, and suggests that an era is coming to an end.

5. What Happens In Amsterdam, Stays In Amsterdam

Silverman gets picked up from the airport by her brother, revealing that she's cheated on her boyfriend Jeff while smoking hash in Amsterdam. Terrible timing considering Jeff, her parents and Adam Levine (as himself singing "She Will Be Loved,") pop up from the backseat for what was supposed to be an anticipated proposal. Adam Levine just wants some 'za, and things get scary for a moment when he gets hit by a car, but all is resolved with a group trip to Pizza Hut. "There will be thin crust."

Silverman may have brought the comedy, but Adam Levine survived his car accident in an earlier sketch to take the stage in front of a fiery red and orange light set, rocking out "Animals." We're just glad this version wasn't as bloody as the music video.

For round two "The Voice" star and his band, Maroon 5 turned the stage a cool blue and he crooned Maroon 5's newest single "Maps."

Bill Hader and Hozier will host and perform on October 11.