This Video Will Teach You The Dance From Sia's 'Chandelier' Video

Ryan Heffington is here to teach you the 'robot bird' and all the rest.

When Sia's "Chandelier" video came out earlier this year, the world put everything else on pause to watch 11-year-old Maddie Ziegler bring the emotion-ridden track to life.

Ever since then, the "Dance Moms" star's moves have sparked parodies and remained a point of fascination for Sia fans. Hey, this video even arguably helped Sia score her first No. 1 album.

So when the choreographer for the dance, Ryan Heffington, released this video narrating how he came up with the concepts for Maddie's performance, we were immediately hooked. Every move has a name! From the "Charlie Chaplin" to the "robot bird" and even "clean your mustache."

Watch the clip below. Maybe with his careful tutorial, we can all recreate the dance routine -- in the privacy of our own homes, of course. BRB, practicing the robot bird.