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That Moment You Realize The Rich Gang Mixtape Is Really Romantic

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Separately, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan and Birdman make some serious street tunes, so when they collectively dropped Rich Gang: Tha Tour, Part 1, we were expecting some real murder music. What we weren't expecting was the love that they peppered to balance out songs like "730," "Imma Ride," "Throw Your Hood Up" and "Bullet."

We are in no way questioning the Rich Gang's gangsta, but rather celebrating their diversity and vision. After a few spins, we started to realize Thugger and Rich Homie are really romantic. In fact, if they keep this up, they may give Drake a run for his young money -- get it?

Here's what we learned about love listening to Rich Gang: Tha Tour, Part 1.

Love can be scary

RHQ expresses some serious fears on "Hate I," and you can't help but feel for him. "I hope I ain't fallin' in love," he says after taking a deep sigh. It's okay Quan, we've all been there.

But love is unconditional, too

When you've really found the right one, you can just accept them for who they are. "Girl I want everything that comes with you/ Even if you got stretch marks and two children," he raps on "Milk Marie," before telling his girl that he loves her for who she is.

So, if you find her, keep her

They say opposites attract -- and maybe that's true -- but sometimes, just sometimes you want a girl just like you. On "Givenchy," Thugger sings some of the most romantic lyrics you will ever hear: "You my twin, baby, you my twin, let's stay together."

And give her your all

What's the use of accumulating wealth if you can't share it? Rich Homie promises to split his pie on "Everything I Got." Just keep your nosey friends out of his business.

And don't be a selfish lover

On the hook to "Tell Em (Lies)," Thug offers oral sex to his lady, with no expectation of anything in return. He also promises to spoil her like milk. Remember relationships are give and take.

And sing for her sometimes

Young Thug has one of the most unique voices in music, but he's down to role play, too. On "Keep It Goin" he promises to "sing for you like Tank." Might we suggest his 2007 hit "Please Don't Go."

Then if things go right, maybe you start a family

"I wanna give her my seed, no sunflower/ I got strong genes, my lil' boy look just like me," Quan raps on "Flava."

Because family is everything

On "Hate I," after rapping about his late-grandfather, Quan bursts into song: "Because I love him, I put no one above him."

Just pray she doesn't cheat on you though, because it's going to hurt -- bad

Quan gets burned badly and you can just feel his pain through the speakers. "Why my bitch cheatin' on me, what the f--k I do to her? I ain't did nothin', n---a," he croons on "Beat It Up," before he kicks her out.

And breakups are always messy

"My baby mama just put me on child support/ F--k her, I ain't goin' to court/ Don't care what dem white folks say, I just wanna see my lil' boy," Quan says on "Freestyle."

We just hope it all works out.