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Is Amber Rose Dancing With A New Man?

Can't stay at home forever.

Everyone deals with breakups differently. Some prefer to stay at home, wallow in their sorrow, and work through what's going on by themselves. Others try to move on by going out and having a good time. It looks like Amber Rose falls into that latter category.

After filing for divorce from husband Wiz Khalifa in late September, Amber hit the town this week, where TMZ saw her spending time with Nick Simmons -- the son of legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons. The grainy and shaky video footage shows the two dancing at Playhouse in Hollywood.

Shortly after news of the divorce broke, Amber took to Twitter and accused Wiz of cheating.

Wiz filed a countersuit to Amber's petition, looking to secure joint custody; in her filing he would only be granted visitation rights. They also signed a pre-nup, which he reportedly was not going to fight.

The Blacc Hollywood rapper has yet to publicly directly address the split.