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We Knew We Loved This Picture Of Bill Murray And George Clooney Before We Saw It

I think we dreamed it into life.

You're breathing and reading this, so we know at least two things about you (other than vital signs): you love Bill Murray and George Clooney.

Another thing that may or may not be true, depending on how good a shot you thought you had of becoming Mrs. George Clooney yourself: you can't get enough of pics from Clooney's wedding to Amal Alamuddin. (And that toast that Clooney's dad gave, sniff.)

Brace yourself, because this picture of Murray and Clooney in tuxes just bein' handsome, charming BFFs at Clooney's wedding is going to blow your gosh darn mind:

The image is from the Italian edition of Vanity Fair and a kind blogger soul has scanned and uploaded the whole spread. Warning: It's artsy and good looking and it looks like so much fun. As for the Murray/Clooney bro-down above, the only thing that could improve that picture, in our opinion, is if one of them was holding a piece of just-fried bacon. Or maybe if Emma Stone was photobombing and making a wacky face at the edge of the frame.