James Marsden Knows Who Should Play X-Men's Young Cyclops

Hint: This actor already has concrete experience in young-James-Marsden-ing.

It'll be another year before "X-Men: Apocalypse" kicks into high gear, but James Marsden already knows exactly who should play the younger incarnation of his "X-Men" character, Cyclops.

In an interview with our friends at MTV UK, the actor who originally brought the laser-eyed mutant to life onscreen nearly 15 years ago was quick to recommend none other than Luke Bracey -- who, coincidentally, already has quite a lot of experience in the fine art of playing a younger James Marsden.

"I would campaign for my younger self from 'The Best of Me' to play Cyclops, and that's Luke Bracey, a fantastic young Australian actor," Marsden said. "He's the first person who comes to mind, 'cause he just played me younger in this film."

We believe this is an A+ idea and endorse it wholeheartedly; in fact, it would be totally cool with us if James Marsden and Luke Bracey spent the rest of their lives playing the same character at different times in their lives, which is a multigenerational feast for the eyeballs that anyone would enjoy.

Meanwhile, James has plenty to say about "X-Men" and its unique place in the pantheon of superhero flicks. Watch the rest of the interview above to hear his thoughts as a veteran of the franchise.