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'The Vampire Diaries': All The Biggest Moments On 'I'll Remember'


A lot can happen in five months, as "The Vampire Diaries" just proved with a season six premiere episode that found all of our favorite (mostly former) Mystic Falls residents more lost and confused than they've ever been. With the town rendered inhabitable for supernatural residents and Bonnie and Damon dead and gone, Elena, Caroline, Stefan, and more were all struggling to pick up the pieces in "I'll Remember" -- while the lucky dead folk ate pancakes.

Let's dig in!

Elena's On The Drugs

Elena seemed remarkably calm and happy at the beginning of the night, considering the latest tragedy that had recently befallen her. However, this state of stasis was quickly revealed to be drug-related -- blondie twin Luke made her an herbal witch cocktail that allowed her to somehow "talk" to Damon, at least in her own mind. (Luke second-guessed his decision, to be fair, but Elena was a junkie by the time her first pre-med class kicked off.)

Unfortunately, these drugs had one major, way worse than dry-mouth side effect: they made Elena ravenously hungry for humans, earning her the "Border-Lurker" nickname outside Mystic Falls. She nearly killed a woman before Caroline stepped in, and even Stefan told her to let it go Queen Elsa-style when she called him for a fix of Damon-talk.

Elena said goodbye to fake-Damon with an imaginary kiss, but she still couldn't give him up. Clearly desperate, she turned to my boyfriend (and her professor) Alaric's help, since -- as he was turned by an Original vampire -- he can compel her to forget the love of her life, if he so chooses.

GASP! To be freaking continued.

Caroline Can't Let Go

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In a surprising turn of events, former scholar Caroline dropped out of Whitmore, unable to let go of all of the turmoil that had hit Mystic Falls. Determined to be the one to reverse the spell -- with newfound Occult Professor Alaric's help, of course -- and return things back to normal, Caroline spent her summer hanging out with her mother outside of town, trapped in her own, self-assigned obligations. She even stepped in to Elena and Matt's various dramas throughout the night, once again proving herself to be the character least inclined to focus on herself. You go, girl.

Steroline shippers should take heart in the fact that our gal is repeatedly leaving messages for her former "platonic" BFF, but he isn't responding -- for now.

Stefan Is MIA With A New Gal

Unlike his potential #truluv4eva Caroline, Stefan got the hell out of dodge once Mystic Falls kicked out the supernatural. He had his reasons -- he was trying to find a way to bring Damon back -- but the biggest HOLY HELL Stefan moment of the night came when we saw him in bed with a new woman, Ivy. He also smashed his iPhone to avoid Caroline's messages, which is straight up rude. I'd pick up on the first ring if Caroline called me.

Ty-Ty Is Drunk (And Flirting With Liv)

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More than anyone else on the show, Tyler was given a chance to begin again when the Travelers' spell made him completely human during the season five finale. Unfortunately for him (but lucky for us), the company that he keeps is still very much supernatural, so Tyler spent the episode macking on blonde twin #2 Liv and pounding brewskis to deal with his issues. "All that's left inside of me is rage," he told Liv, understandably unaware of the devastating side-effects of immortality that come with vampirism. (Has he not been watching "True Blood"/"The Originals?!?!")

In short, it seems that Tyler's once again raging werewolf gene will be a theme throughout the season, so all bets are on when it comes to who he'll end up killing to make him a supe again.

Jeremy Is Doing Nothing

... And Matt don't like it.

Jeremy spent his summer making out with random girls, drinking beer (using substances to forget one's problems was a huge theme throughout the episode, in case you couldn't tell) and playing Xbox, which basically makes him just like every other college freshman boy in America, minus the "college" part. Matt, who has become Mystic Falls' best Good Samaritan in everybody else's absence, doesn't like it, but he might soon get distracted based on his swoony interactions with that cute, human girl he rescued from Elena. (#notallhumans)

Damon Is Making Pancakes

In Heaven, maybe, with Bonnie. Based on the amount of whipped cream, I'd say they'd be better off staying there. Yum!

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