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Lena Dunham Is Gonna Look 'Nasty' On Her Book Tour

The boss of 'Girls' + the GIRLBOSS = perfect sense.

I'm not entirely sure which kind of girl Lena Dunham isn't, but I do know that I want to be whichever one she *is*, because that girl is going to be wearing some pretty rad clothes for her upcoming book tour. I mean, when you hear the very words, "book tour," don't you just get visions of vintage tees with half-naked pictures of Adam Ant on the front? Or, like, a bunch of badass leather jackets?

No? Just me?

Well, apparently Nasty Gal's girlboss Sophia Amoruso does too, because she decided to lend some clothes to Lena out of the goodness of her heart so that the Girls creator wouldn't have to read excerpts of her book to the public in the nude. Not that we haven't seen that before or anything...*wink wink*

The "buds from another spud" collaborated not only on a collection of clothes that mixes tongue-in-cheek graphics with clean, sophisticated looks. There's also an exclusive tote bag—the proceeds of which Sophia has pledged to donate to support young people reading and writing. $15 to look like I'm Lena Dunham's BFF and help someone learn to read? Uh, sign me up for five, kthx.

If the tote just ain't yo thang (in which case, you might be Satan, but whatever I digress), you'll definitely be able to find something else in the Dunham-Amoruso lovechild of a lookbook.

Nasty Gal

A skirt ($92) and shirt that say, "I look put together, but also, I might bite you if you talk to me."

Nasty Gal

Any item of clothing that has to do with pizza is immediately deemed priceless in my eyes, but this sweatshirt is actually only $68, so you don't have to break the bank while proclaiming your love of deep dish.

Nasty Gal

This powder blue coat, $138, is the perfect way to transition your bright summer wardrobe into the darker fall/winter months. Also, it's cute as hell. Bonus.

Nasty Gal

Oh, hello shopping cart. Have you met this dress? No? Get acquainted.

Nasty Gal

Wait. This top is only $58?! I could practically KISS Nasty Gal! (haha) (get it?)

If you like what you see, you better go pick up your fave ~look~ quick before some other Hannah Horvath superfan beats ya to it.

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