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Ed Sheeran And One Direction Are Gonna Make Us Feel ‘18’ On New Track

I need to hear this song immediately.

Ed Sheeran was a little hesitant about whether his One Direction song would definitely appear on their album, Four.

Well, Ed, we've got good news! It made the cut, and we now know the title: "18."

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Simon Cowell spilled the details to Capital FM about the "great" song and how it came together.

“The funny story was that Ed came down to see me at 'Got Talent,' as he was performing, and he came up to the dressing room and I went, ‘Where’s the One Direction song?’" Simon recalled. "And he said ‘I didn’t know you wanted a song from me’ and I went, ‘Yeah. '”

It didn't take long for Ed, who will be performing at the 2014 MTV EMA, to pen the track for the guys, who he teamed up with on their songs "Little Things" and "Moments."

“And then literally a week later he comes round to my house with his manager one night, turned up around 11 o’clock and said ‘Do you like this song?’ and he played me '18,'" Simon said. "And it took me about a millionth of a second to say yes.”

According to Simon, it sounds like the song is definitely going to be a hit, and I'm going to take his word for it, since he has a good track record in knowing what will work.

“It’s turned out really well," he said. "Ed’s a real star, and the fact that he did it in such a short space of time, but he was so focused and he’s a brilliant songwriter. You know what I love about Ed? He’s generous. He could have kept that song but he loves writing hits.”