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Pink's Been Releasing New Music -- Whether You Knew It Or Not

Meet You+Me, Pink's folk collaboration with Dallas Green.

Pink's latest move might be her most surprising yet -- and yes, I'm including all the high-flying, Cirque du So-slay acrobatics she's brought to her live performances over the past couple years.

Not only has Ms. Alecia Moore teamed up with singer/songwriter Dallas Green to release an album of down-tempo folk-pop, titled rose ave., but the duo, who go by You+Me, have been steadily releasing new music for over a month now.

"He has the most angelic voice I've ever heard in my life," Pink said of Green, who used to front Alexisonfire and now performs under the name City & Colour, in an introductory video on the pair's YouTube channel. She continues: "And I thought, 'Huh, maybe one day if I get good enough he'd sing with me." According to Dallas, he didn't need much convincing.

Once they got into the studio together, Pink and Green (sidenote: I JUST REALIZED THAT THEIR NAMES ARE PINK AND GREEN, OH MY GOD) say they recorded the entire LP in about a week. "It doesn't sound like 'me featuring you' or 'you featuring me,' " said the Canadian half of the duo. "It sounds like us."

This theme of parts coming together to form a cohesive whole runs deeply throughout all of the new You+Me music they've released thus far. On "You And Me," the two harmonize as one: "You and me were always with each other/ Before we knew the other was ever there/ You and me, we belong together/ Just like a breath needs the air."

Other songs, like "Break The Cycle" and "Capsized," explore this theme in reverse.

The latter of the two tracks sees the pair -- who Billboard reports were introduced to each other by Pink's husband of eight years, Carey Hart -- mourning the chaos that isolation can bring. "We were two ships in the night/ Hell-bent on tryin' to survive and/ Capsized."

Clearly, they know how special this newly forged musical partnership is. "My friend said, 'People spend their whole lives trying to sound that good together,' " Dallas shared in the intro video on YouTube.

Pink being, um, Pink cuts through the sincerity by miming a hair-flip, which prompts Green to chime back in with a faux-arrogant, "So, f--k you, guys." Despite the folk-y new stylings, she's still the same old irreverent Pink.

Look for You+Me's debut album, rose ave., when it's released on October 14.

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