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Jaden Smith's Back In The Music Game With 'Trophy V6': Listen

Jaden got bars.

In case you missed it, Jaden Smith made his lyrical return this week with the release of "Blue Ocean V19," and on Wednesday (October 1) he dropped another new song on his sister, Willow's SoundCloud, "Trophy V6."

While it's been a moment since the “After Earth” actor stepped away from the music scene, it's evident that he's been honing his craft during the hiatus.

Drake’s biggest fan coasts on the laid-back track with surprisingly dexterous rhymes that flow in a stream-of-consciousness style of rapping.

“I ain’t worried ‘bout the science/ I’m just glad we co-exist/ Runnin’ out of time you can read it on a wrist/ Picture that you missed, cause I’m chillin’ with your Miss/ If you call this co-existing/ Then you don’t really know the system/ If you really knew, it probably make you mad enough to go and freakin’ choke your sister/ Who killed the dang electric car? I got a broken Fisker,” he raps.

According to the Smith's Twitter, “Trophy V6” will likely land on his upcoming mixtape, Cool Tape Vol.2.