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Taylor Swift Has A Sick New Audience Dance Move -- Watch!

Hozier has Swift picking up a new instrument.

Taylor Swift just discovered a whole new way to "Shake It Off." The singer recently found herself compelled by the dancing bug to express her inner musician at a live Hozier gig.

"When attending a Hozier concert, it's very important to accompany the band on your invisible instruments," the singer wrote on Instagram while sharing a video of her new moves.

Damn right, Tay Tay. Make sure you let your BFF Ed Sheeran know all about that the next time he superbly covers "Take Me To Church." An air drum solo would totally set it on fire.

Swift is widely known for dancing like there's no one watching, totally owning the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and every other awards show she attended this year with her free spirited antics.

Let me see that criss cross!

One less problem over here.

We'll never forget this moment.