Andrew McMahon's Melancholy New Single Is Full Of Fall Feels And Emotional Real Talk

And also babies and booze.

The melancholy tides of autumn are currently engulfing the lands -- it's a time of loss, renewal and nostalgia that pairs perfectly with "See Her On The Weekend," the new single off of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness's upcoming self-titled debut solo record, out October 14.

The protagonist -- who sounds quite a bit like the man himself -- in McMahon's new song, which premiered on MTV, is running himself a little ragged. "Up around town with a headache kicking/ Guess who fell asleep with a cigarette," McMahon sings -- a sharp contrast to the next lines in the lilting jam: "My girl's back home with the morning sick/ Gotta a baby on the way."

McMahon vacillates between angst and joy in the jam, as he admits, "I drink more than the doctors say I should/ I been a little hard to reach," then subverts expectations once more by crooning, "But my girl is at the beach and I'll see her on the weekend."

The song mirrors the Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin's frontman's experience writing the record. After battling cancer and getting married, McMahon left his label and his old bands behind and retreated to a cabin with no running water to work on new music (hence the wilderness). He would see his wife, Kelly, on weekends when she was pregnant with new daughter Cecilia. “I wrote a pop record and then she showed up," he said.

Take a listen to the intensely personal track below and at

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