Even Taylor Swift's Cats Get Fan Art: See The 19 Best Ones!

Olivia and Meredith get the complete celebrity treatment.

Taylor Swift isn't the only celebrity worthy of fan art. Since her cats -- kitten Olivia Benson (of arm candy fame) and Meredth Grey -- are practically celebs now, don't they deserve to be immortalized in drawings too?

Sure enough, we found 19 pieces of fan art that the cats would purr for. Here are the best renditions of cat royalty:

Paint Meredith like one of your French girls.

Olivia wasn't in the 'Begin Again' video, but that's what imaginations are for!

Cat collage, anyone?

This person sketched out her infamous pap photo with Olivia

And so did this person!

This person too!

This person 'shipped their kitten with Olivia.

Taylor made this one her phone lock screen.

Someone made an avi for her with an app

Still with me? Time for another collage.

Meredith looks sneaky in this one.

Since Olivia is named after an 'SVU' character, why not animate her into the action?

Meredith crossing her lil kitty paws makes for a great edit.

Speaking of edits... what do you make of this?

And now... another collage.

The best kind of art includes an infographic

The same person drew this tribute to Taylor joining Tumblr.

Oh my... Meredith's face says everything in this drawing...

If only Olivia wore clothes in real life