Pentatonix Sing Harry Styles And Katy Perry’s Tweets

And it's freakin' adorable.

They've covered hits by the likes of Ariana Grande and Sam Smith, mashed up Beyoncé's entire musical career and collaborated with some of the biggest YouTubers on the Web. So when the acapella group Pentatonix stopped by MTV News, we wanted nothing more than for the fivesome to a.) sing and b.) sing something star-studded.

This request took us to Twitter, where we handpicked some of our favorite celebrity updates, including tweets from Harry Styles, Katy Perry and "Teen Wolf" star Dylan O'Brien.

What transpired from there was magical and musical and can only be fully understood by clicking the video up at the top. So, check it out!

Can't get enough of the singing sensations? Not to worry, they just dropped PTX, Vol. III, which Kevin Olusola from the group says he can't wait for fans to hear.

"It's eclectic with a very cohesive sound. I think we've matured a lot in our sound and we've gotten to a place where we're figuring out how to write original music that can speak to a lot of people," Olusola explained. "It's been an interesting process because this one we wrote in a short amount of time. It's a great album."

Plus, on October 21, the "Sing-Off" alums are scheduled to release That's Christmas To Me, a collection of original and classic holiday hits.

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While there won't be any Mariah on the album -- "She's in her own league," Olusola said -- PTX will be covering fan favorite amongst the Xmas tracks: "Let It Go" -- "Not to be predictable but ..." Scott Hoying laughed.

"It's a bit of an unpredictable holiday album, to me at least," Mitch Grassi revealed. "It's not solely public domain songs we're doing, we're doing the Disney song and an indie song."