'OMG I Am Dead': The Best Fan Reactions To More 'Twilight' Movies

RIP, these "Twilight" fans.

On Tuesday, September 30, "Twilight" fans woke from the dead when Lionsgate broke the news that five new "mini-movies" based on some of the film series' central characters would hit Facebook in 2015. We at MTV News quickly realized the gravity of this announcement, and released a helpful nine-step guide to dealing with all sparkly vampire-related excitement surrounding the new movies.

Unfortunately, some fans of Stephenie Meyer's beloved series did not get the help they needed, and it's with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the Twihards who officially lost the battle last night. May they finally find the peace they deserve, be it in this lifetime or the next.

Witness their journeys below.

These fans are dead. Our condolences to their friends and family.

These fans are now dying, but hopefully not before the new movies come out.

This guy was lucky, escaping the scene with minor scrapes and bruises.

While these fans merely felt some emotional pain, which can still be quite serious.

In fact, several fans are now suffering from a condition called "the feels."

Which we just can't even. (Finish this sentence?)