The 'Zombieland' Sequel Has A Writer

Is this project officially back from the dead?

Five long years ago, "Zombieland" shuffled and chewed its way into our hearts -- and for five long years, we've been waiting for the sequel that director Ruben Fleischer enthusiastically promised us was totally in the works.

After all this time, it seemed like it might never happen. But today, the sounds of undead moaning can at last be heard emanating from Hollywood with renewed vigor! According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Zombieland 2" is finally moving forward. Sony has officially tapped "Godzilla" scribe Dave Callaham to work the script, with Fleischer overseeing.

After so many years of stagnation on this project (including an abortive attempt at an Amazon-led TV series last year), it's unclear whether they'll still be able to bring back the whole cast from the first film as originally planned -- particularly Emma Stone, who's gone from new kid on the block to mega-star in the years since she co-starred in "Zombieland." But one thing's for sure: as long as Fleischer returns to direct, we can eagerly look forward to another sure-to-be cult favorite film, and one with lots and lots of 3D projectile zombie splatter all over the camera. Hooray!