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Wait, 5SOS 'Pooped Onstage' During Their 'GMA' Performances?

How did we miss it?!

Did you catch 5 Seconds Of Summer's performances this morning on "Good Morning America"? Oh my god, we could re-watch it all day: the way Calum stole our extra-sensitive hearts during "Amnesia," the fact that Mikey's fire-engine red hair that just keeps getting redder, the moment when Luke and Ashton pooped their pants onstage.

Wait... WHAT?!

According to a new video posted on the "She Looks So Perfect" singers' Instagram, we somehow missed the real drama happening on the "GMA" stage. Ashton says he "pooped onstage," and then Calum "tripped into it," which he notes was "disastrous." Luke, upset and confused, then proceeded to "poop everywhere," because that’s apparently what Lukes do when they’re startled.

Oh my god, 5SOS, you pooped your pants on live TV? We were rooting for you. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU.

I don't know, something (like, um, common sense) tells me that they're totally just kidding about this. (Duh.)

Either way... I'm gonna go pray for some "Amnesia" to wipe that mental image outta my brain.

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