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Lorde And Taylor Swift Were Attacked By Squirrels, And Now No One Is Safe

'Fearless' squirrels were out to get some Shake Shack

Remember when Lorde and Taylor Swift's friendship was first blossoming last November? Before the cooking classes and paper-dolls, there was a bizarre incident that quite possibly sealed their bond as besties: being attacked by ravenous squirrels.

You may recall when the two pop stars were seen getting Shake Shack at Madison Square Park in New York City. What you didn't know is that their lovely outing went from pleasant to "terrifying" when they were interrupted by some bushy-tailed rodents.

Lorde revealed in an interview with ZMTV: "We got attacked by squirrels, actually,” the "Yellow Flicker Beat" singer said, “and in an insane way. The most fearless squirrels I’ve ever seen. They were like on our bodies, eating our food. It was terrifying.”

Yikes. Seriously, those are some IDGAF squirrels... Maybe the lyrics to Swift's "Fearless" inspired them? Or, they were just really craving a milkshake and fries -- I know how I get when I'm hangry.

Nothing like a traumatizing experience to bond you together forever, though!

Janelle Myers/Getty Images