If You Had To Learn About Sex From SnapChat, It Would Go Something Like This

Have a seat, kids. It's time to learn about the birds and the bees.

Ahh, the sex talk. We've all heard it some way -- from our parents, from our 7th grade sex ed teacher, from our older sister's copy of Cosmo. (No? That was just me? K, cool.)

We know you're spending a borderline embarrassing amount of time on SnapChat these days. What would a sex talk from the app look like? These art history snaps seem to have nailed it:

Don't do it just because all your friends are doing it

Feeling aroused is a natural thing

Your first time should be with someone you trust

Make sure you're 100% ready to take the next step

Get tested so nobody catches the bad kind of cooties

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Try to set the mood beforehand

Foreplay is extremely important

It's not polite to stare

Wear a condom!

No, really. You still need a condom!!!

Dirty talk is more common than you think

Some people have weird fetishes

Multiple orgasms are not a myth

Don't do anything you're not comfortable doing

Sex isn't always like it is in the movies

Don't text anything you wouldn't want your grandmother to see

And don't worry -- size really doesn't matter!

All jokes aside, if SnapChat's sex talk doesn't cut it for you, visit MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life website to learn more about sexual health.