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7 Small Changes That Will Make You Work Out More Often

Why not use that expensive tag you have on your keychain?

You meant to go yesterday, but your friend invited you to happy hour. You would go today, but you're just so tired. The gym: If only intending to go burned calories...

However, working out doesn't have to be a perpetual item on your "I'll get to it tomorrow" list. In fact, making just a few of these quick adjustments may majorly decrease your resistance to jumping on that exercise bike.

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1. Put the days and times you'll work out in your calendar

It's one thing to say, "I should work out this week," and another to know that you're going to kickboxing Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. Having workouts in your calendar -- whether using your phone or a physical one pinned to your wall -- will make exercise seem like more of a solidified plan, and will ensure that you have time to go, even when you're bogged down with work. Or a full DVR.

2. Make a new playlist once a week

It's hard to get excited about working out when you know you'll be subjecting yourself to the same busted "Gym Mix" you've had longer than that weird salad dressing in your fridge door. Once a week, put together a new playlist or two, and include a few songs that are fairly new to you.

3. Buy some new gear

Just as a new dress can turn jury duty into an outfit unveiling, having new gym clothes can get you enthusiastic about showcasing your sporty style. Buy a few inexpensive tank tops or even a package of headbands, and you'll be itching to take them for a spin in spin class.

4. Get a workout buddy

Everything is more fun with friends, even crunches. Pair up with a pal who either works out regularly or has just started going, and set regular gym dates together. You'll be less likely to blow off plans you make with someone else, and you'll have someone to drool over that hot personal trainer with.

5. Treat yourself

Find a coffee or fro-yo place near the gym and get in the habit of stopping by after you exercise. Working up a sweat becomes a lot more appealing when it ends with an ice blended mocha.

6. Pack your gym bag the night before

The last thing anybody wants to do when their alarm goes off is actually wake up, and adding "getting ready for the gym" to that chore can seem truly unbearable. If you're someone who works out in the morning, give yourself one less reason to hit snooze by having your gym bag packed and ready to go somewhere that's visible from your bed.

7. Learn to do something that seems impossible

Always wanted to run a half marathon, but terrified of the distance? Secretly in awe of those yogis who can balance their entire bodies on their hands?

Commit to learning how to do these things! The mental challenge of breaking past your barriers will keep you engaged and compelled to keep working -- and having a specific goal will give you distinct milestones to work towards. Plus, you'll feel great when you finally do master it, which will drive you to find new ways of testing yourself.

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