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Tokio Hotel's 10-Year Transformation From Boys To Men Is Complete: Check Out The Photographic Proof

With a new album out next week, we track TH's looks from 2005 until now.

Tokio Hotel definitely have a look. The finely coiffed, glossy German rockers (and perennial Musical March Madness contenders) have always marched to the beat of their own stylist. And even after a nearly five-year break from the spotlight, they continue to be supported by one of the fiercest online rock armies, the Aliens, who breathlessly await any news on what the Kaulitz brothers are up to (and fearlessly defend their favorite group against any and all detractors. Trust.)

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On the eve of the release of their fifth studio album, Kings of Suburbia -- which features the future-shock electro-rock single, "Girl Got A Gun" -- we're taking a look back at the band's transformation over the years -- from denim rockers to outer-space super-humanoids and back again.

1. 2005 -- The Schrei Years

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Around the release of their 2005 debut, Schrei, brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer looked like fresh-faced boy banders... from four different bands, that is. Pointing, lots of pointing.

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2. 2006 -- Bill's Hair Begins To Take Shape

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From a dramatic swoop to his now-signature luxurious, streaked and teased locks, Bill Kaulitz's hair tells the story of TH's evolution.

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And while the hair might have changed, the pointing remained.

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Though the ensembles got a bit goth-ier.3. 2007 -- Glam Slam And New Looks

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Teased up, smoothed down, either way works for us.

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And then it's back up. Wayyyy up.

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The guyliner is strong with this one.

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Not RAIN!!!4. 2008 -- Maximum Volume

WireImage/Tony Barson

Seriously, how high can it get?


Bill enters his spaceman era.

WireImage/Dominique Charriau

But the more things change, the more Tom stays the same.

WireImage/Theo Wargo

Business casual.

Getty Images Entertainment/Scott Gries

Channeling MJ.

Getty Images Entertainment/Scott Gries

Or maybe Cher?

WireImage/Victor Chavez

Tom? He's never, ever giving up on the super-long jersey, bandana and baseball hat look, though.

WireImage/Kevin Mazur

So lifelike!5. 2009 -- Whoa, Wait, What's Going On Here?

Getty Images Entertainment/Carlos Alvarez

So high, he can touch the sky.

Getty Images Entertainment/Carlos Alvarez

One of the only known pictures of Tom in the wild without a hat on. From locks to braids.


Rockin' that faux hawk like he invented it.

German Select/Franziska Krug

You know who can pull off this look? Only Bill Kaulitz.6. 2010 -- Short Hair, Don't Care

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It was a quiet year for the fellas, but sometimes you just need to slick it back, slip into a puffy raven jacket and chill, yaknow?

7. 2011 -- What Did You Do With The Band?

WireImage/Jesse Grant

When Tom and Bill emerged from a cocoon mid-year they looked ... very different. Less flashy, more Miami.

WireImage/Jun Sato

Plus a black hood, plus a septum ring and the darkest eyes ever.


Bill goes all in on the leather dungeon/ Matrix look while Gustav continues to chill with the T-shirt and jeans combo.

8. 2012 -- In Between Styles

Airport security is going to be a real pain from now on.

Georg strikes a sultry pose.

9. 2013 -- Studio Rat Look

Frosted and focused in the recording booth.

Always room for funnel cake.

Fresh starts.

Family time.

10. 2014 -- Back To The Future

Tokio Hotel

Things got pretty quiet there for a while... until this pic showed up. Clearly the boys have matured and are now going for a more tailored, grown man look. Nice hat, though, Bill.

Their first Instagram, from, like, this week.

Just some sleepy rock stars flipping you off.