'Sleepy Hollow' Star Tom Mison Tells Us Why Ichabod 'Wants Katrina, But Needs Abbie'

Also, get ready for Ichabod's biggest love to be revealed.

On Monday night's episode of "Sleepy Hollow," Ichabbie shippers were given yet another big break when our favorite leading man was reunited with his wife, Katrina, in this earthly realm -- only to promptly ditch her for his fellow Witness, Abbie.

True, he had his reasons (using Katrina as a spy to gather intel about Moloch from the Headless Horseman), but there's no denying that the Horseman had a point when he said (with his occasionally functioning head) that it was pretttty messed up for Ichabod to leave Katrina to rot in Purgatory for 200-ish years then freak out when Abbie was down there for approximately 20 minutes.

Lucky for you, Icha-Trina shippers -- if you even exist -- there's at least one, very handsome British fellow who agrees with you that Katrina's been given the short end of the stick: Ichabod Crane himself, Tom Mison.

"I agree [that it's messed up]," Mison told MTV News during an interview at, of all places, the Headless Horseman bar in NYC. "That's one of the nice things about having Abraham back, when he has a head. He can really say a few truths about Ichabod to Katrina, like, 'You were in purgatory for 200 years. Abbie was only in there half an hour, and he went and saved her.'"

However, Mison also made sure to explain that Ichabod has reasons for sidelining Katrina, even if it does make him look like a craptastic husband.

"He wants Katrina, but he needs Abbie," Mison continued. "I think that's the difference between [the two women]. They're Witnesses. They're partners. They have to do it. Which makes it interesting, the moments when they really strongly disagree, and occasionally strongly dislike each other. But they have to be together. I think that's what keeps the relationship sexy and exciting."

Mison couldn't say who he shipped Ichabod with when all was said and done, but he did note that being on a ship to begin with was a pretty exciting ride.

"I'd never heard of shipping," Mison said. "I Googled it. I heard somebody talking about shipping, like, 'I ship Ichabod and Abbie.' I thought, 'F--k does that mean they hate what we're doing?' And it was the opposite! It's very nice. I like being on a ship. Who knew?"

Ichabbie shippers would probably attest that they knew all along, but by the end of the season, Mison says that Ichabod will be shipping himself with a very different type of love -- a love for a delicious, caffeinated beverage.

"You'll see him have his first cappuccino, and it just blows his mind," Mison said. "He loves it. It’s his thing. He's metro. He's yet to try a pumpkin spice latte. But mind you, so am I."

Tom Mison -- so not basic.