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Magic Michael Strahan Joins 'Magic Mike XXL'

Take it off!

Just call him Magic Michael Strahan, because the former NFL champ and current "Live with Kelly and Michael" co-host will be taking it all (or most of it, at least) off in "Magic Mike XXL," the sequel to the 2012 stripper saga "Magic Mike."

Strahan announced the news today (September 29) on his show, saying he was "nervous" about taking the role alongside Channing Tatum. The sequel will have a total lack of Matthew McConaughey's big-mouthed emcee Dallas, and is already in production.

Strahan speculated aloud about whether he'd have to undergo any follicular preparations for the role, for which he said he'll be outfitted in, "kind of a thong thing."

"I don’t think I’m hairy on the back end, but maybe I do need to be waxed,” Strahan said. “I’ve never done anything like that.”

Director Greg Jacobs and Tatum have both noted that "Magic Mike XXL" will be something of a road trip movie. No word yet on whether the roving band of strippers plans to travel by "Pony."

"Magic Mike XXL" gyrates into theaters July 1, 2015.