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Lil' Kim Calls Nicki Minaj 'Obsessed'

The war of words continues.

Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj have been exchanging shots for a few years now, and the verbal war was reignited last month, when Kim jabbed at the Young Money MC twice: First, on her "Flawless" remix, and then a few days later on "Identity Theft."

But Kim says that their issues are rooted in Nicki's actions, not her own -- and that the recent lyrics were simply a response to Ms. Minaj's verse on her own "Flawless" remix.

"She's been waiting for so long just to even say the word 'Queen Bee,' 'cause that's how obsessed she is," she said during an interview with "The Breakfast Club," referencing the lyric, "The queen of rap slaying with Queen Bey/ If you ain’t on the team you playing for team D."

Kim, of course, has called herself the "Queen Bee" since the 1990s, but Beyoncé certainly has a claim to the name "Queen Bey" -- and it's alternate spelling -- in her own right. But that's not enough for Kim.

"She's been waiting to say that," she said. "It's just like, come on, you on a record with Beyoncé. [If] I had a record with Beyoncé -- I'm not saying nothing remotely so that this chick can even think I'm talking about her. We all know what it is. Let's just be real. It's so deep that when I finish putting together this documentary, everyone will fully understand."

She says the documentary will drop later this year or in early 2015, and will shed light on the depth of their issues -- which include a foiled relationship with Young Money.

"It's not me against her, it's me against a machine. She would be lightwork for me. When you compare what I'm doing right now to that machine, it's not ever gonna look fair, it ain't ever gonna look even. If I had that same machine behind me, then you'd see what's up, for real."

"I'm Kim, so when I attack back, I'm the big, bad wolf," she added. "Let's just be real. She took the first shots. It's always been like that...She's been throwing shot, and still throwing shots."

There is one thing, Kim says, that could mend the rift, though.