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16 Ways To Dress Like Your Favorite Internet Meme

Truth Tea Kermit, No It's Becky, Ermagehrd Girl and SO. MUCH. MORE.

One of our favorite things about the internet is that it loves itself. And when there's a dearth of new content, it'll recycle itself. Tumblr's latest meme is a retread of everyone's favorite tried and true fashion trope: "Steal Her Look." But in an amazingly hilarious turn-the-trope-on-its-head moment, many of the ~lewks~ actually cost ridiculously more than the original items themselves.

Submitted for your approval, we've rounded up some of our favorite "Steal Her Look" posts—which, in a very meta moment, are based on memes (ALERT: A MEME OF MEMES, MEMES WITHIN THE MEME). Apart from being LOL, maybe they'll help inspire your Halloween costume this year (at a more manageable price tag, that is)?

Ikea Monkey


Ikea Monkey is the Margo Tenebaum of internet animals.

Antoine Dodson


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. And hide your credit cards for this ~lewk~.

Russian Kid Dancing At Club


We're into the mostly monochromatic palette that this Russian Kid inspires.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy


While the portable whitening kit might cost you, having the most photogenic look of the night is in a word: "priceless."

Truth Tea Kermit


Not included? An unknown amount of side-eye. But that's none of our business.

Bruh Girl


$825 for a Gucci sweater? Bruh.

Too Busy Blocking Out Haters Guy


It's a good thing we have these spoons to block out all da haters.



Who knew you could channel Sharkeisha for just over $14,000?

Ermagherd Girl


What? No Goosebermps books?

No It's Becky


What are the odds of Taylor Swift wearing this (again) for maximum internet?

All Your Base Guy


A bonafide internet classic.

This Is Fine Dog


We've all been there.

Shovel Girl


Maybe this one isn't such a good idea after all...

Sweet Brown


You may not have time for that, but we're sure you'll have time to take a look at this set.

Hair Flip Emoji Girl


We didn't really have to dress up for this one, but we're really into that Splendid sweater.

I Smell Like Beef Girl


A baby that smells like beef? #bestbabyever (But we don't actually suggest smoking to get her low, scratchy voice.)

What are your some of your favorites? Did we leave any out?