How Snooki's Shaping Her Very Own Italian Brood

Chilean by birth, Italian by choice.

Chilean? Jewish? Alien? Having been adopted not long after birth, Snooki's always been curious about the true origin of her roots. But one thing has never been in question: She's always wanted an Italian family to call her own.

Since her time on the "Jersey Shore," during which she sought out the juicehead of her dreams, Nicole's been in pursuit of a life as wife to the perfect guido, the mother of many wee ones and the undisputed authority in her kitchen. And, after giving birth to her second child Giovanna Marie, last week, it looks like she's definitely in transit.

So move over, Carmela Soprano, and give up the throne, Caroline Manzo -- there's a new Italian queen in town. Take a look at how Snooki's slowly shaping her picture-perfect Italian family, and stay tuned to MTV News for more updates on "Snooki & JWOWW" Season 4!

She's become a bomb cook:

Nope, this isn't the cover of Epicurious Italy -- this culinary magic happens in Nicole's own kitchen (or, you know, the one in Jionni's mom's basement). We can only imagine what treats will come when she gets a hold of her new house's drool-worthy space.

Snooki's Instagram

Her big family is already in full swing:

Snooki's Instagram

Snooki's gone on the record to say she wants four kids, and now that two tots already occupy her home, she's halfway there. Hey, you can't eventually have your fantasy family reunion if there are only one or two attendees.

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She's got pearls of wisdom to spare:

Ask any Italian man who he turns to for advice, and he'll undoubtedly point to his mother. Once someone in admitted need of direction, Snooki's now spilling over with guidance for her social media followers in need, and there's no question that she will be able to talk her kids through life's many tough times.

Tough as nails? She certainly is:

Her pasta might be soft, but Snooki's a brick house. She never allowed her morning sickness or cramps to keep her from the gym, and she demonstrated true conviction to staying tough. Also: NEVER FORGET PUSH-UPS IN HEELS!

She's already trying to set her two-year-old son up:

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Lorenzo's not yet old enough to read or reach the kitchen counter, but, like any Italian mother would, Snooki's already looking to make a love connection happen for her little guy. Could he and Pauly D's little girl Amabella be struck at once by Cupid's arrow? Nicole seems to think it's a possibility.

Public affection is second nature:

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Because the whole world has to know that 'Enzo will forever be a mama's boy!