Roger Kisby / Getty Images

Kevin Durant Says He's Cool With Lil B Despite The Based God's Curse

'You cant win hating.'

You don't want to get on the Based God's bad side, just ask NBA all-star Kevin Durant. After questioning Lil B's rap skills, the oddball rap star put a hex on KD back in 2011, using his powers to deny the b-baller a shot at the NBA championship.

B lifted the curse a year later, because "you cant win hating," but then dropped a dis track titled "F--k KD" earlier this year.

While the curse has been a hot topic on the Internet, Durant only seems to be half-aware and claims that he and the Based God are cool. "A curse? I keep hearing it. Every time I sign on to Twitter on Instagram it's this Lil B stuff coming up, but I don't have no problem with Lil B," KD told Revolt TV while he walked the red carpet at a part promoting the release of the upcoming basketball video game "NBA 2K15" in New York City.

"He got so many fans, it's starting to get on my nerves so... Just to get those people away from me, me and Lil B are cool," he ended.