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Jillian Rose Reed Hung With Music Icon Marie Osmond In Vegas NBD

Which is country and which is rock 'n roll?

The last time "Awkward"'s Tamara made her way to a concert, her night ended in disaster. But thankfully, the actress who plays the sassy character, Jillian Rose Reed, is having a bit more luck with live music.

JRR, who spent the weekend in Las Vegas with her grandparents (aww!), did Sin City right by enjoying one of its many revues, and after catching the legendary Donny and Marie Osmond live at the Flamingo, she made sure to snap a shot with she who is a little bit country.

Jillian Rose Reed's Twitter

"A true talent, and an amazing entertainer. Thank you for having us @therealmarieosmond! It was wonderful seeing you and Donny!" Jillian tweeted with the photo above, in which she and Marie are arm-in-arm in front of the show's stage. And the good vibes didn't stop there.

Jillian Rose Reed's Twitter

"Fun seeing u&ur Grandparents last night! Met 1st on my talk show," Marie wrote with a second photo that features Jillian on the singer's program, "Marie," and again in Vegas. By the looks of gramps' forehead, he had the most fun of all.

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