These Are The Survivors Of The 'Walking Dead' Spinoff

Is Andrea making a comeback?

Only two weeks stand between now and the return of "The Walking Dead," but it's already worth keeping an eye on what lies beyond season five.

The upcoming "Walking Dead" spinoff is still a ways away, but AMC is starting the casting process for the officially ordered pilot episode. The spinoff, set to focus on all-new characters in an entirely different corner of the "Walking Dead" universe, will include roles for the following characters, according to TV Line:

Sean Cabrera, a 40-something Latino man, and his teenage son Cody. Sean is doing his best to treat everyone in life right, while Cody's something of the opposite; he's described as "whip-smart and rebellions," and holds the distinction of being "the angriest kid in town."

Meanwhile, there's the Tompkins family including 30-something single mother Nancy, who "looks like the girl next door, but there's an edge to her." She's the mother of "screwed up" teenager Nick, and "mostly level-headed" Ashley, who is as ambitious as her brother is a failure.

Finally, there's a character described as a "wilted flower child," reeling from a horrible marriage. Her name? Andrea Chapman. That's right: another Andrea. Any relation to the late Andrea of the flagship "Walking Dead" series, or just a coincidence? Maybe the name's just a place-holder for now.

There you have it: six of the new men and women making their way through the zombie apocalypse. With casting breakdowns already in circulation, it won't be long before we hear some official casting news. Stay tuned.