Did Justin Bieber's Caribbean Vacation Inspire Him To Release New Music?

His new contemplative demeanor suggests something big is on the way.

Our boy is back!

These past two years have certainly been eventful for Justin Bieber. In fact, I'd go ahead and say that "eventful" is an understatement. And yet, through it all, he's still maintained a progressive and interesting musical output.

The end of 2013 saw the official release of Journals, a stunning (seriously!) collection of singles that Justin released, one-by-one, starting in early October. Each new release caught he attention of a slew of music outlets and showcased Justin's more adult sound.

And it looks like 2014 will offer audiences a chance to discover more of Justin's new music ... or at least anticipate it greatly.

After a series of posts showcasing his recent trip to the Caribbean—which included ATV rides, long jaunts on boats, and palm trees galore— Justin posted a contemplative pic of himself standing on a hill.

"I've been on this break for too long. #newmusic #back2work #vacationtimesup #longoverdue," he wrote, much to the glee of his still-adoring fans.

We're excited to see what you'll be cooking up next, Justin!