Robert Plant, Jimmy Fallon And An iPad Created An Amazing Doo-Wop Song Live On Air

Their acapella take on Gene Chandler's classic 'Duke Of Earl' is shockingly great.

Led Zeppelin's founding member and frontman Robert Plant has a brand new band—the Sensational Space Shifters—and they kicked off their tour in New York to kick off their tour, so Plant found the time to visit Jimmy Fallon while he was in town.

On Friday night's episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" (September 26), Fallon suggested the two use a looping app on an iPad to record some sweet tunes together, and the results were surprisingly beautiful.

Is it just me or does Jimmy look a little nervous to sing alongside the rock icon? Luckily, Questlove gives them a starting note to get the right key.

Then we find out why Jimmy looked so focused—he's actually good! He holds his own alongside Robert with barely a flubbed note and the resulting four part rendition of "Duke Of Earl" that the two create is a gorgeous, emotional rendition of the doo-wop classic. But I'm gonna go ahead and give The Roots a little credit for that fact too.

The best part though is when Plant feigns confusion at the looping software when the vocals continue after he stops singing. As soon as he hits that melody line though, it's breathtaking. There are few singers who are as legendary as Robert Plant, even when he's just having fun on a talk show.

Watch the clip below: